about me

hi! i'm jamie :o)
you can also call me roger because i'm a fucking KINNIE BICH
i'm a cringelord he/him nb butch lesbian
i was born on 9.22.02

i'm an epic wheelchair driver FUCK having working legs

i am also an """"ARTIST"""" according to some

no byf/dni you already know the drill. if i know ur a fool i jus won't talk to u

love u ^3^


this is the worst page. the WORST page. i'm so sorry

HERE ARE MY CCS, i have a lot more but these are the most important. i know having ccs and a cc PAGE is so Oppa Cringe Style of me but you have to know so if you tag/send me stuff of them i will scream like realistic ape

here's my kinsss

my ULTIMATE 100% ME kin is roger klotz from doug i Wish i was joking but no

doubles are Sexy
here's the rest of the banana bunch


i'm on a fucking LOT of other sites, i'm most active on @uramis on tumblr and @boognishlesbian on twitter
i'm yonoid2wiki on spotify if you wanna listen to my shitty playlists
i have other bullshit sites such as my instagram (@cometsongs) and my self shipping tumblr (you gotta ask for that one. VIP only)

i already have a lot of about pages on sites but i just made this abridged bio for fun ^_^

i love my friends very much shoutout to irwin gang i love you

that's all folks


this page is so fucking long btw


the simpsons, wordgirl, metalocalypse, adventure time, serial experiments lain, daria, mission hill, teddy ruxpin, teacher's pet, doug, regular show, columbo, lucky star, over the garden wall, the muppets, fraggle rock, invader zim,

perfect blue, tokyo godfathers, dreamworks trolls, the lego movie, gremlins, the shining, us (2019), child's play, rock & rule, padak, coraline, the emperor's new groove, wreck-it ralph (not 2 i fucking hate 2)

ween (favorite band... ever), nine inch nails (other favorite band... ever), type o negative (OTHER other favorite band ever), the cure, lemon demon (and just any of neil's work), gorillaz, tyler the creator, mr. bungle, dethklok, metallica, guns n roses, primus, hanoi rocks, heart, rush, yes, death grips, machine girl, faith no more, kate bush, prozzak, bjork, nirvana, happy hardcore, breakcore, chiptune music, vaporwave


um jammer lammy, parappa the rapper, super smash bros, touhou Kind of i guess, super mario bros, sonic the hedgehog, yo! noid 2, undertale, deltarune, the town with no name (i love it unironically very much dont u fukin laugh at me), cuphead, kirby, team fortress 2, danganronpa Kind Of????, muppet party cruise, five nights at freddy's (especially the first 2 games)

ytp/ytpmv, vinesauce, batmite, furbies, animatronics (especially animatronic bands), disney parks, theme parks in general, electronic toys (like teddy ruxpin), bootlegs, lost media, toy repair, local58, hlvrai, puppetry, retro commercials, mascot (mainly cereal, snack food and fast food mascots), haunted mansion, defunctland, clowns, chuck e. cheese, rock-afire explosion (i don't support aaron fechter), discontinued snack food/fast food/cereals